My Ahmedabad Experience


After passing out from Textile College, I straightway proceeded for Mumbai; It was 1959; I had with me one suitcase, one bedding and a recommended appointment for Bombay Silk Mills; After staying in Bharat Sevashram Sangh for 2-3 Days, I shifted to one Guest House opposite to Portuguese Church. Later, I joined Aditya Spinning Mills in Product Development and Customer Services Department; Following a separation between the Birla Brothers in 1976, many of us from Aditya Mills were shifted to Swadeshi Cotton Mills in Ahmedabad..It was a challenge before us to convert a old cotton mill to a Synthetic one and make it economically viable; But gradually, we made it possible; I can remember how difficult it was to get an admission in Mt. Carmel School, the only Girls’ English Medium School in Ahmedabad, for my elder daughter and to get a residential accommodation It was really a Herculean task at that, but finally we could manage both the situations quite comfortably.

We can still visualize those days – formation of Textile Alumni Association, the grand Diwali Tours cum Picnic, Annual Cultural functions; Everything was great and those wonderful days mark a dent deep into our memories; We could not forget the first Picnic at Chandola Lake and first outstation Tour at Mount Abu; All the tours like in Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Lonavala, Diu etc. in subsequent years were unique and all were equally enjoyable and memorable due to their distinct natures.

Every Year around 50% of fund collected through advertisement for Souvenir was spent in arranging cultural functions and from the remaining fund, annual Tours were subsidized; Also some of the fund was allocated towards the expenditure for the initial lodging and boarding of newly passed out students coming to Ahmedabad for job placements. Those days any fresh student coming to Ahmedabad in search of suitable job placement would usually meet the seniors and the seniors, in turn usually helped them generously; The bonding between the seniors and juniors were really unprecedented. The seniors, when required normally acted as local guardians and always there had been excellent co-operation between the alumni fraternity.

Fond remembrances  of  College days

When I remember the golden days during my college and hostel life in Serampore, still it seems to be hallucinated in front of me; We were staying in Hindu Hostel which was situated on the bank of river Ganges; Actually it was some very Old Haveli  type building and there was a lot of rumour and gossip going  around about scary ghost story, those days; On many Saturdays, when most of the students went to their homes, it was very much thrilling to spend the night in the hostel; In our hostel mess I was a little too proactive in arranging mutton and chicken delicacies even within a short notice and in any odd time; Once, I can recall in a rainy night, suddenly some of our seniors told me to arrange for Chicken; It was heavily pouring outside and I went out along with a umbrella and found the shop in Serampore closed; Then I crossed the River Ganges and ultimately arranged Chicken and directly came to the Hostel Ghat through Ferry Boat;

Cultural  integration  with Gujarati  Culture

As far as Gujrati Culture is concerned, there is some link with the Bengali culture; Gujrati people have a Lot of respect for Rabindra Nath Tagore, Sharat Chandra and other Begali Writer and Poet; Many of the Bangali Literatures have been translated into Gujrati; Basically Gujrati people are very simple in nature and very much helpful; Although there are money minded, but in case of necessity, they come forward without any hesitation for all types of help including any financial help;