Write up by R.N Kanungo

       TAAW (Textile Alumni Association, W.B) launches the new Web site –  An Overview.


(Group Infotech)


It is really heartening and certainly awe-inspiring news to hear from Surashis that we are going to launch our new alumni‘Web site’ in the inaugural day function on the 23rd of this month of June-2018. He has made me and Dipak quite alert to finish up the remaining work with the Web hosting agency (service provider) to keep everything updated before the launching of the site and with a request in his own comical way (which I like most!!) to pen a few lines on the past and present developments in the work of owning our Web site.

Past and Present Developments

Originally the idea of having our own alumni Web site was mooted in an Executive body Committee meeting held sometime during 2014-15 period, when Chandan was at the helm of our association affairs and it was then decided in the meeting to entrust the Web site work ‘ to 2-3  young and energetic alumni members for finding out a suitable agency for designing and building up of the Web site.  In fact, since I had a Personal web site running those days, I suggested in the meeting, the names of one or two Web hosting companies who could provide us the necessary support in this regard.

However, due to some unknown reasons or may be due to  lack of proper initiative from alumni members or due to shifting of priority to other alumni activities, the Web site project could not take off as desired and eventually, almost got stalled since last  2-3 years.

The beginning of the year 2018 could see some enlightened reform in our association activities, (thanks to the proposal of Siddhartha’s decentralization of alumni activities by formation of smaller groups for different activities and delegating responsibilities to young alumni members to lead such teams in their respective groups ) and  in an E.C. meeting held at Dr.Roy’s residence in the first week of January 2018, along with the selection of Surashis as the new President of the association , the formation of  various  so called ‘Smaller groups’ were  also finalized.

Subsequently, in the get together of the alumni during January ’26th 2018, the names of the smaller group team members for various activities were announced.

Formation of ‘Infotech Group’

One of the major fallout of the meeting on the 26th Jan picnic event was the formation of our ‘Infotech group’ of the alumni where I was assigned the leadership of this new group with 4 (four) other well dedicated team members. In fact, I was fortunate to have all four enthusiastic members in the teameg. Kamal and Dipak (both were my former close colleagues during my Arvind days) along with 2 (two) other women members in Gopa and Malabika to supplement the Web page activities during and post Web site installation.

On Website buildingactivities and its prerequisites.

Before venturing to work on the making of the new Website,through a suitable Web hosting company, we  needed to understand the basics and other preliminary knowledge of various types ofWeb sites, their function and prerequisites for the owner/user organization or institution for whom the site is meant, inorder to publishor upload their web content pages etc. through the Web hosting service provider. This would also enable us, not only to get familiarized with the overall working of the Web site but also with the various web related technical terms, their definition and usage etc. in the long run.

What does the Website mean to us; its functionin regard to other Web related terms and their definitions.

  1. Website-AWeb site is a collection of a set of related interconnected pages known as Webpages having its presence on the World Wide Web), typically identified with a common Web addressUniform Resource Locator(URL ) with a primary name known as Web domain that contains a specific information collected by a person, group or organizationand published at least on one Web server.To qualify as a bonafide site it must be available over the Internet around the clock.
  2. World Wide Web – (abbreviated WWW )
    The World Wide Web or simply the Webis an information space where documents and other Web resources  are identified byWeb address such asUniform Resource Locator (URL) interlinked by Web Browsers such as hypertext links (HTML or HTTP) and accessible via the Internet.World Wide Web is the software to retrieve the stored data from one computer to the other.
  1. Web domain –The primary name in a Web site address for example gmail.com or Cnn.com etc. This represents the organization’s unique name on the Internet, combined with a generic top level domain such as .com or.org
  2. Web Server – A Web server is normally a large size special High capacity Computer that runs Web sites. It is a Computer programme that distributes Web pages as these are  The basic objective  of the Web server is to store,process and deliver Web pagesto the users in response to their requests which are forwarded by their Computers’ HTTP clients  (Hypertext Transfer Protocols).
  3. Web Hosting – A Web Site is hosted on a Computer system known as Web serverdescribed in 4 above also called as HTTP server and Web hosting is the service providing space on the Internet for Web sites. When one makes a Web site, and want other people to see it it needs to publish or upload it with a Web hosting service.
  4. A Web host,or a Web hosting service provideris a business company that provides the technologies and services needed for the  Web site or Web page to be viewed in the
  5. Types of Web Hosting –There are various types of web hosting services provided by the Web host provider.The following four type are more common and hosted by the provider as per the clients’ requirement namely , Shared Web Hosting 2, Web site Builder 3. Cloud Hosting and 4. Dedicated Server type. The first two types are more commonly used and more economical than the latter two types which are relatively more expensive. Only the first two types are explained below.
  6. Shared Web Hosting – This is the most common type of Web hosting where one server is shared between many customers and is easy to use but it can be less flexible than other Web hosting options. Since this shared hosting is more common type, most companies simply refer to it as Web hosting or Web site hosting.
  7. Web site Builder-  Web site Builder is the easiest way to build a Web site and get online .The site builder provides hundreds of professionally designed templates that can becompletely customized to make one’s Web site exactly the way one wants.In building a Web site with Web site builder, computer files are created which are stored in large server with much more capacity and built very specifically for clients’ Web site.
  8. Web browser– A web browser (commonly referred as browser) is a software application for accessing information on the World Wide Web.(Example- Internet Explorer, Fire fox etc.)

In the meanwhile, within these last 3-4 months, me and particularly, Dipak  who could work out the details and nittygritties  of our web requirement, almost single handedly (because of his earlier technical expertise in the Web field ) with immense zeal and enthusiasm, looking tothefuture needs of the  Alumni members in our professional group of people, who intend to interact with other members in the group, share their common interests or even desiring to contribute scientific and technology driven articles and publication in the ‘Web pages’ within our textile fraternity or even with the outside world. They, also,do intend to share their common social interests by posting of photos/videos of various social activities and entertainment events in the ‘ Web pages’ which can be documented, stored and retrieved at a later stage through a dynamic ‘Web site ‘methodology.

Needless to mention, all the above prerequisites, aims and objectives of the client customer/ User group (in

our case Alumni members of our professional group of TAAWB ) could only be fulfilled by the installation

of the appropriate Web site at our end.

Selection of the Web Host (Website Builder and Service Provider)

Subsequently, besides working on the Web site requirements from our end , I and  Dipak  also were involved  in the process of selecting  the right type of ‘Web hosting service provider ‘ suiting to our kind of ‘SmallProfessional  socio-cultural group with no profit making motive ‘ organization. In the process, we could short list few Web hosting companies and visited them & held thorough discussion regarding our overall web requirement and finally selected a ‘Web hosting company  namely ‘ M/s Code Crunch’ Ahmedabad which provided us with the optimum ‘Cost-Benefit advantage ‘ for making of our Web site starting from Web designing ,Web hosting and domain facilities with Web page building till  the final installation of our Web site .

Other relevant maintenance charges as yearly Domain and Hosting charges will be paid by us on the yearly basis as is stipulated in the contract agreement signed between us TAAWB and the  M/s Code crunch.

Present Status of the Web site installation

As on today (June 3, 2018) , the Web designing and Web site construction work is almost over and as assured by the service provider  we will find the completed site by this weekend ie around 10th of June  which I hope, would leave us with sufficient time  for the scheduled launching of our maiden Web site on the inaugural day of 23rd June 2018.


With this most happy and optimistic note, I gratefully thank and acknowledge the entire Alumni fraternity including the core and mentoring group members  of TAAWB  for their sincere cooperation love and best wishes for our team in carrying out this not so arduous task in  making of our Website a grand success.

However my special thanks are due to my Infotech group team members for their hardand dedicated work and particularly to Dipak for his unflinching devotion in carrying out this mammoth task despite his stiff professional commitments during this period.Finally,  my special and  sincere thanks are also due to Dr. Roy for his invaluable guidance and last but not the least to my friend Surashis for his continued inspiration during the work.